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British National Identity Crisis - Mad In England

British National Identity Crisis

This article is a continuation and reflection on ongoing British national identity crisis, see first part published at INTERVIEW WITH AN ORDINARY BREXITEER [CENSORED] 


Critical Reflection

I could handle the conversation, particularly the end of it, differently. It does not help to insult each other, and I don’t think my Brexiteer friend is a fascist. He believes fascism is elsewhere. For his fact, the EU political system is a hybrid between ultra-right and ultra-left wings. I studied Marxism, and I studied Nazism and Fascism in detail. These philosophies are mutually and diametrically exclusive. Anyhow, I look at the EU, I fail to see the proposed intersection of these two horrendous political systems. To suggest the infusion of such ideologies into EU democracy is preposterous, and unfortunately, it points out at severe error in judgment by the suggester. I'd say that a person who did not have the unfortunate privilege to grow up in a communist-ruled country, is unlikely to have the correct judgement & perception of communism. Otherwise, you would never assess EU to be that way. #Paranoia #Education


We have mutually excluded one another by being unreasonably offensive. I bored my Brexiteer friend to the dead as he puts it. If you have read the first part of this article, and still reading at this point, I’d like to think we made you laugh at least a bit. Therefore deed of the first part is done. Congratulations on observing a clash of titans, each from the opposite political spectrum. I, the global maximalist, he, the role model of a British nationalist.


My core beliefs have roots on both sides. It’s the only way to truly understand which one is the right choice — nationalist, the younger version of me, globalist the older and more mature version. I’m grateful I grew up from the small bubble of a nationalist, and it happened gradually. My horizons were limited. My dear friend mentioned the term deprogramming, and rightly so. In science, it is referred to as meta-programming of the human mind. What that means in novice terms, it is the ability to reprogram one's core belief systems. During the process of transformation, one gets a different life experience given the shift in perceptions, that are the product of one’s amended automated belief systems. I realised that the need to belong to a nation had dissipated over time living abroad. Yet that is another nonsensity, how can I live abroad and be inland at the same time?


Firstly though, reflecting on the entire discussion, we observed that despite a few intersection points we were able to agree on, our core belief systems are mutually exclusive, but why? We want the same, a better life for us, our children and anyone else. We think propaganda of each particular ideology deludes the other person, but we respect each other’s intelligence. We differ in the approach to how we can achieve the same goals. One thinks that my people and I have to come first; the other believes that all people should come first, which may sound impossible.

However it is not, you only have to accept the difference as an integral part of you, the way it is, no strings attached. The human mind does not understand the concept that the world is an empty canvas; it is designed to analyse input and perceive objects. We can only truly learn by example, and therefore, the idea of an enemy is born. If you remove the concept of the enemy, you realise there is the empty canvas where divisions, borders, religions, and glorification of famous figures; matter no more.


Yin, as the nationalist, Yang, as the globalist, Communist, as the hardcore energy

For society development, it is vital to seek common grounds and shared values, and promote that we are equals. A cleaner by profession is no doubt more valuable to society than many politicians. Mohammed and Jesus were no-doubt great people, but so are you. You can either pray to them or be great too. Don’t believe in Buddha, be the Buddha! What makes you different from all these people is only your mind and your capability to cope with it. The way you think and believe stands on how you have been programmed or programmed yourself. Another way to put it is that you are being thought and the thought can be only self-inflicted. The way to know that your programming is correct is whether you are free of any adverse, i.e. harmful feelings, which isn’t feasible in the case of nationalists. They can’t ever be genuinely content in none-acceptance of their environment. There will always be an immigrant or two sneaking to get in and ruin their day, and a globalist ‘reducing’ living standards, or destroying the national culture and heritage.


The given evolutionary purpose of a nationalist is to seek enemy where isn’t one. Yin, the nationalist, as negative, dark, and feminine. Yang, the globalist the positive, bright, and masculine. “Their interaction is thought to maintain the harmony of the universe and to influence everything within it.” What is beyond nationalists Yin and globalist Yang, what powers it? What gives it a tremendous amount of energy response. A black hole. An immense communist’s black hole as the winning philosophy in a great battle of two evils, nazism and fascism vs communism. We must realise that nazism has been shortlived and hasn’t been fully tested to date, and fascism was historically given only a limited scope. These violent ideologies were violently suppressed and legally prohibited, due to the horrors they brought upon the world.


Did the EU eat UK’s chocolate?

I hear you all Brexiteers shouting “I am proud nationalist, a real man and you globalists are like a crying woman over Brexit, Remoaners!”. Also saying something on not very nice nature about the dark and the negative associations. 

Do not mistake calls for democracy for crying. What is crying, it is to say I want to get out at any cost, no but, no ifs, no matter to damage. That’s like a brat kid, saying I want, I want, I want, no matter the parents can’t afford his new game console. Then the kid does forget to moan that there is not enough chocolate on the table, and all the friends in school have chocolate every day. The type of Tori Dudley.

Royal British Betrayal

Democracy is the only historically proven political system ensuring freedoms we all enjoy. It is a precious thing we need to treasure and protect. The only way we can protect democracy is to ensure we all abide by its principles, particularly when there are dipolar differences in society. It is not democratic to prorogue or dissolve parliament to silence a political opinion. It is a Royal Bretryal, R & B. An Oi! of the far-right. Has any Brit or anyone else for the matter ever heard of a Prime Minister of her Majesty's Government of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, ever mislead her Majesty seeking unlawful advantage to his ends, and to top that he boldly said that 11 supreme court judges were wrong in his opinion. Our PM is the very reason why he has to put 20000 police officers the street, as he as his behaviour cause the very violence he proclaims to fight!

The biggest defence of a Brexiteer is the 17.4M majority had voted so people want Brexit done. How more undemocratic can the leaders get by not permitting a revote based on the fact of the Leave campaign was based on an overbudget and proven lies, therefore, as common sense dictates, the results of the referendum are invalid.


British National Identity Crisis - UK Brexit tree branch
Too blue?

Is nationalist a bad person?

A nationalist generally has all good intentions at heart. For a large part of the population segment, they are not racially adverse minded as long as they feel protected in their domestic bubble. Should that bubble, however, become anyhow insecure, there are severe side effects of their philosophy. In the aftermath of fancy far-right rhetorics before and after the Brexit referendum, levels of xenophobia and racist abuse in the streets of Britain had risen at record levels since the ’70s! Which only shows that between nationalists is a significant proportion of people who inhibits the opinions and ideas of fascism to a lesser or greater extent, or worse, in further extreme cases to nazism. The anti-immigrants moods further grow with rhetorics of UKIP, BNP and the by the rise of Boris Johnson, the Conservative party. All this instability further impacting on the security of the nationalist bubble, insinuating xenophobia and exclusion. I have always considered myself to be a right-wing conservative. The demagogy introduced by the unlikely version of Trump Boris Johnson and his protégé Jacob Rees Mogg is boosting far-right moods in the society. These two honourable gentlemen would do the nation a favour by watching their deceitful language.


I can only conclude by comparing Brexit and Munich Betrayal as the two most significant mistakes in British history.

For those who don’t know, Munich Betrayal was a failure of the United Kingdom and France in their legal, diplomatic, military, and moral obligations towards Czechoslovak and Polish nations. If it weren’t for the betrayal, second world war could have been averted or at least delayed enough for the Americans to step in. The French would be ready for an attack and would not ever allow Germans arriving in Paris. Hitler would not dare to invade Czechoslovaks, as we were fully armed and prepared to fight, using our geographical advantage of mountains and natural fortifications, and surrounding most of Czechoslovakia; all soldiers were deployed in indestructible bunkers, and satellites, created an impenetrable fortress around Czechoslovakia. Post invasion, in October 1938, Germans began to test bunkers. They attempted to destroy them with explosives and failed. Germans recognised the quality of works, engaging special forces in training for capturing fortresses.

One might say, but you were few and Germans were many. Your nation would have been obliviated! A British in defence might also say, we calculated the risk, and we believed that we are saving the lives of your people, considering the odds!

Nothing could be further from the truth. Chamberlain and Daladier knew of our geographical advantage, fortifications, and readiness of our people to fight. They knew we could hold the fort until our western friends could start an attack, in a swift and preventive strike. They could also send us a squadron or two helping at our and Polish borders and mobilise quickly other nations, surrounding and invading Germany from all ends. Moreover, perhaps with the help of Russians, no-doubt hurrying up to get their share, we all would stand victorious in Berlin in October 1938, do or die! Knowing this all, why would Chamberlain and Daladier decide the very opposite? Just cowards or treason against humanity? I leave that for everyone to answer it for themselves.


Instead of upholding their commitments to democracy, in September 1938, there came British and French nations signing up a pack with a devil, bent to the threats and promises of German and Italian fascists. We were thrown like a bone to a German Sheperd. Instead of choosing the obvious option against which Hitler would not know which site had hit him! But the cowards ducked when it went too hot and continue to feel victorious in a sick form of glorification, which even these days transpire in public appearances of various war veterans. I mean no disrespect, in a way I should be grateful to all British soldiers for joining the fight, even if a tad too late but better than never. Grateful for giving the asylum to our president Edward Benes and fighting alongside with the Czech parachutists. We are not thankful for further and more significant betrayal, leaving us to the faith of the Russians, which led to doing a very dark era that lasted over 4 decades, with deepening of communist oppression, particular by events in 1968 when the nation aimed to liberalise the Soviet regime, when yet again no assistance was rendered.

I cannot think of British or US second world war veterans as heroes. Some of those glorified heroes are also mass-murders by the legal profession. Some of them even participated in the Dresden genocide, which was the ultimate unnecessary act, given the state already collapsing Third Reich. Same as the USA dropping nuclear bombs in Japan. A simple demonstration, anywhere a little more suitable, if such a place even exists, it would suffice to a great effect. One that takes revenge is no better than the perpetrator. To be sure, they hit two cities, not one! However, these are ‘just’ soldiers who followed orders. One that takes revenge on the other is no better than the perpetrator, and a participant in action is an instrument to the retaliation.


And what has changed. Not so much. Donald Trump argues with Kim Jong-un, who has a far bigger nuclear button and wants to obliterate Iran and destroy their sovereignty. But Trump is true democrat, despite some of his methods are questionable. There come Nigel Farage and the likes of him, Boris Johnson, who seems to think that if he is acting Trump, he is going to win the general election vote and make the UK into a 51st US state. They think that grass is greener on the other side.

You only have to compare the same propaganda over and over. They're all alike, Mussolini, Hitler, Franco, Le-Pen, not to forget Farage. It does not mean one legally suppresses an idea, and it is not suddenly there. It shifts to the dark side of the mind and transforms into a modern and more palatable forms of delivery. Mein Kampf is not prohibited because it is a pile of antisemitic hatred. It is prohibited because it is a guide on how to rule the world. And they all read it. Or did they just like the picture?

British National Identity Crisis - Farage Nazi Poster
It seems Mr Farage learned from the 'best'


7 Sings Of A Fascist

  1. A Fascist shows true colours when challenged throughout lack of understanding of democratic principles and tell you the opposite of democratic is democratic.
  2. They always have to say one thing or another about history which is not by the book
  3. A fascist, in all his delusion, believes he is the only true democrat and openly says so.
  4. They are not able to accept another political opinion and find it laughable.
  5. A fascist if the first to disturb ordinary parliamentary procedure by throwing insults to anyone who disagrees with them.
  6. They may dazzle you with seemingly impeccable logic, pink shirts and smart speeches until you realise it’s cheap talk.
  7. Observe their slips & sins; a fascist leave a stench trail, as seen at


The United Kindom has a history of backing off from a problem if it is too hot. Now the entire south of Europe seems to be too hot to handle! Maybe we should ask British expats abroad, especially those who left more than 15 years ago. Their own country had disowned them and ripped off their British identity! Why does Britain has an infamous history of not upholding treaties and peoples liberties. 

Then Munich, now Brexit. Read my legal analysis of the Brexit issue here a perspective of a view of a European citizen, in an overview of the EU Charter of Fundamental Human Rights — England above all. The United Kingdom, one of the principal founders, attempts to exit the EU project that lasts for decades. What an utter clusterf*** these Brexiteers are making of 45 years good partnership! Afraid of the European vision, instead of shaping it and making it great, things became too hot. That to me it just another betrayal for a country that meant to lead by example and not introduce divisions in their own neighbourhood.

I feel deeply concerned that in British society, lies became more valuable than the truth. A country where liars earn money and honest people work for them. I come from a country where “Love and truth win over envy and hatred” (Václav Havel), and I truly despise what I observe happening to the Union.


British National Identity Crisis - Brexit Boris Johnson Liar


Why Is This Happening? To answer that we only have to look at what moves public opinions. It’s the media and politics. They are not doing a great job at selling inclusive globalism, as many voters fear the idea. Fear = power = money. People got a Brexit blindfold pulled over their eyes. Amongst the tons of scaremongering lies, naturally, don’t understand globalism increases shared the wealth, they believe it takes it away. I'm as much Czech as I'm British, but I'm also European, and I'm a global citizen. These identities are not mutually exclusive, and a block such as the EU does not make me any less Czech or British. This notion is, unfortunately, not advertised in the mainstream media that promote conflict instead of a union.


What does it mean to be British?

The best I can answer it is by a self-asked question. Does any of these points below make me British or not British?

I'm Czech. Therefore I'm not British. Perhaps not.

I live in the UK for 16 years. Perhaps yes.

I lived and worked in most of the UK cities and many more towns. Perhaps yes.

I travelled and explored my new country from Brighton to Inverness. Perhaps yes.

I am not a British passport holder. Perhaps not.

My English language skills exceed my Czech language skills in all aspects. Yes.


So you do the math. I even eat British toast, which some people call bread. I Iearned even the most impossible fillings, but some of these products are very edible once you acquire the taste! 

Brexit sandwich
Crisps are my favourite!


My dear Brexiteer friend previously suggested:

 “Given the history of your home country, the only reason you are sat in this country and enjoying its opportunities, it is because of that fascistic communist system. It collapsed, and now you want more.”


In response to a fellow citizen, who thinks my friend is right having such radical sentiments, I would rather say I enjoy creating opportunities in the benefit of any geographical region. The size of the region is only limited by a mind structure, accompanied by an inability of a person to look beyond such a structure, and who fears the unknown. I create global opportunities, and the country which I'm in is only an instrument. This man does not even know the difference between left and right. It horrifies me, what else does he not know? How can one educate mind that is suffering from cognitive bias?


A Brexiteer might also ask. If you feel so much British, why did you not apply for British citizenship?

It is because I'm a globalist. I don’t see or want to understand the difference between having a Czech passport or a British passport. I'm proud to be Czech, and I'm proud to be British in many aspects. The key argument I can consider myself British is that in 16 years, I have not only learned the language. I have exceeded the skill of an average person by a mile and adopted British habits and feel at home. However, I don’t like what is happening at my doorstep, without me having a legal say about it. There is no democracy in ignorance, and that is precisely why the EU Charter should be better observed in the UK law system.

How sad is to observe failing democracy in the UK. I was denied my vote yet again. No under 18 either. Three of four nations say no to Brexit, yet the Brexiteers, particularly in England, think they have the majority! How very English. What happened to the bill amendments? Why has parliament given up on the rights of 16 & 17 years old and EU citizens by letting it slip past a deputy speaker? The UK parliament had silenced the voice of those who should have the most say on the matters and they are those who talk about EU being undemocratic. They can't even agree between themselves whether to deal or no deal. Remain United!

There is an essential need for balance. We can't have globalism and leave the Yin behind. I'm trying to comprehend how we achieve the understanding that takes the Yin into the journey. I also observed the fact that another idea can not abolish an idea. Ideas are immortal but are mutable; in other words, they evolve, by accumulating information by human bio-machines designed to improve and evolve. The collective mind analytically recognised a failure, which the maker of development and evolution. Without failure, there would be no progress. When I speak of the collective mind, understand I’m referring to the concept of collective consciousness, for which we are the bio-processors and bio-transitors.

The primary purpose of the mind is to seek perfection and assure survival. It is not possible to achieve perfection if there won’t be for entropy. Entropy, as a lack of order or predictability, is the fundamental instrument of evolution. There would be no mistakes without it, no lack of knowledge, everything would be perfect except one thing. We would live frozen in time, in an ideal fairy-tail word, free of evolution and dying in eternal God-like boredom. If we, however, consider that the mind is not an autonomous, isolated and individual entity, but an entity that permeates everything, then one can extrapolate a reasonable explanation why some of the worst horrors in human history occurred; in the very purpose of being. To improve upon oneself and understand that division has never been the way forward.