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Parker and Sarah - Forest in fire

Parker and Sarah

The following story is a work of fiction. Though the story and major event that is of fire breaking out in California and other statistical information is true but none of the characters bear any resemblance with anyone. The aim of this story is to tell the audience what it feels like to be a victim of Woolsey fire, living in a rescue camp and moving on over something that has been lost, using fictional characters Parker and Sarah.


Among 265,000 people evacuated in Woolsey fire that started on November 8, 2018, Parker and Sarah an old age couple are one of them. Parker 65 and Sarah 66 is an old age couple that was living in their 1361 square feet house in Seminole Springs Mobile Home Park. Being senior citizens, retired and receiving monthly pension, the couple does not need to do any job. Their pension is enough to support them financially and they used to spend most of the time at their home, indulging themselves in house chores or entertaining themselves with television. Their daughters Ana and Elizabeth visit them occasionally with their kids whom Parker and Sarah adore hugely. They were looking forward to meet them this Christmas and Sarah was already contemplating over what Christmas menu she should set. Upon hearing the news that fire has broken out in California, the couple was already scared. Sarah told that she had been in contact with both of her daughters who are currently living in Georgia. Ann and Elizabeth were also in contact with the resident manager of that area. They requested him to help their parents in this hour of need and make sure they are safe. When things got of control and there was no choice but to evacuate Seminole Springs Mobile Home Park, the resident manager knocked at their door and asked them if they want to stay and die or leave and save their lives. Leaving their house behind to be eaten away by the fire wasn’t an easy choice. It had taken their lifelong savings to buy that house but what else they could do? They were left with no choice but to run away with other inhabitants and head towards the rescue camps.


With a jeep standing already outside their door and life at stake, Parker and Sarah had no time to pack anything for themselves. The only things they could grab in this moment of rush were their shoes, some warm hoodies, shawls to protect themselves with the cold and their credit cards. It was a daunting task for them but they mustered up all of the courage they had to take this decision. There were a few other families in the jeep as well while many others were following behind them. None of them exactly knew where they were heading to. Parker asked the resident manager where the rescue team was taking them. He replied that till the things do not become normal, everybody has to stay in fire camps. Sarah told that the horror of that night is still vivid in her mind. She has faced a lot of ups and downs in her 66 years of life but nothing can be compared to this.

Nobody knew why the fire broke out. The media told that the fire initially broke out on the Santa Susana Mountain because of some unknown causes. The California winds were so strong that putting out the fire became an impossible task for the firefighters. As the fire spread, it burnt out 98 acres of land, more than five hundred buildings, killed 44 people and caused 265,000 people to leave their houses. For the inhabitants of California, this fire was like some rain falling straight from the hell. With no doubt it, is a major catastrophe in California that affected lives of many.    


A few days later Parker and Sarah went to Seminole Springs Mobile Park to see what has become of their house. They heard that a few houses are only a little damaged in that society and their structures have survived during the disaster. So a little hope grew in their hearts that their house might be one of them. When Parker and Sarah reached the society, to their dismay they only found ashes and ruins of what their house had become. Both of them broke into tears. They had so many memories associated with that house that it wasn’t easy seeing it reduced to ruins. The couple is living in a rescue camp nowadays among many others that have been affected by this incident. What they never thought was their lives turning upside down like this. Their daughter Ann has decided to take her parents with her to Georgia. Parker told that she has already bought the tickets and will soon come to take them home.

With the technology that has advanced so much, man is still vulnerable to natural disasters. Whether it be an earthquake, hurricane, flood or even a wildfire, a man is still helpless as always. Parker and Sarah are only one of the couples who have been affected by this incident, there are still hundreds out there in California whose lives have been turned upside down. Luckily Parker and Sarah have still each other, unlike many others who have lost their loved ones. On top of this, their daughter Ann is taking them with her to Georgia but there are many families who can’t find a safe haven in this hour of need.  


Parker And Sarah - Forest on Fire


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