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Wed, 01/16/2019 - 06:42
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ONION MYTH Onions under the water


The internet is filled with many articles, blog post and claims. One of them is the onion myth that’s being circulated for a long time now. It is believed that onions absorb bacteria present in the air when cut open and exposed to the environment. In fact, when I first came across this theory I believed it myself till I did a proper research. I read in one blog post that, “onions could absorb environmental pathogens and prevent illness” claiming that any evidence for this is the blackening of the onions outer shell after being exposed. All these claims are just myths and folklore that originated from the 1500s during the infamous bubonic plague. At that time, it was thought that cutting onions and leaving them in the room would absorb the virus and thus prevent occupants from falling ill with the plague. So, if you have been believing in this myth, you’re wrong it doesn’t prevent diseases by absorbing or harbouring them. Instead, here are a few benefits of onions below.



Thanks to the Quercetin present in onions, it helps the body maintain a stable blood pressure which helps reduce high blood pressure in adults.

Onions boost our oral health by strengthening our teeth and eradicating bacteria thus preventing tooth decay.

It helps boost your immune system with the aid of polyphenols in onions which are good antioxidants. These antioxidants get rid of free radicals which in turn strengthens your immune systems.

Did you know that onions contain fibre? It’s a different kind of fibre, a soluble one called oligofructose which aids the growth of bacteria that helps digestion. It is also known to ease the pain in ulcer patients.



Onions reduce your risk of having diabetes by regulating your blood sugar level. This effect is because of the chromium contained in red onions which lowers your blood pressure by acting as a catalyst in the production of insulin. 

Yes, so those are actual benefits of onions to your health. Ensure you include onions in your daily food recipe so you can stay healthy always. And remember, ONIONS DO NOT ABSORB PATHOGENS, it’s just a fallacy you should not buy into, so don't be fooled by the Onion Myth!

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