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Sun, 01/06/2019 - 15:23
Mysterious Crime In Matrix

Tala And Rotana Found Dead

Through this article, I want to shed some light on the problems that young immigrants are facing and what steps should be taken to avoid these serious problems. The two Saudi sisters, Tala Farea age 16 and Rotana Farea age 22 were found dead alongside the Hudson River, New York on October 24th, 2018. The case has created much hype on the internet and gathered the attention of a huge audience all over the world because of its mystery that has yet not fully unfolded. Setting the police and detectives aside, the common man is also contemplating over what had possibly happened to the sisters. Missing since December 2017, the two sisters were found washed up in the Hudson River, their bodies facing each other and taped together but with no signs of physical violence or abuse on them. A day before their bodies were found, their mother received a call from the Saudi Embassy in Washington. She was ordered to leave the United State of America as soon as possible and head back to Saudi Arabia.

The mother was not aware of the fact that her daughters had applied for political asylum. Since no signs of physical violence were found on their bodies, the police presume that they might have tied their bodies with tape themselves and then jumped off the cliff. The police claim that the sisters had said that they would rather harm themselves than to return their homeland. Still, the medical examiner has not released any report about what had possibly happened to them or what caused their death. 


Tala And Rotana



Peeping into the lives of these Saudi sisters, they were living with their family in Virginia. The family consisted of father, mother and two brothers who are reported to be of age 18 and 11. Their father, AbdulSalam often used to travel back and forth to Saudi Arabia and the US but it is still unknown what profession he had and why he needed to travel back to Saudi Arabia sometimes. Rotana was the elder one pursuing her degree in engineering at George Mason University, Virginia. Unfortunately, she was dropped out this year and therefore, went to attend a college in New York where she had enrolled herself into the studies of Computer Science and Information Technology. The younger one, Tala, was living with her family until she ran away this August and started living with her sister in New York.  Tala was offered a full paid scholarship at a renowned private school in Saudi Arabia but she was adamant that she would never want to go back. Surprisingly, this is not the first time the sisters had been missing. Last year in December, their parents filed a report for their missing. The police were successful enough to trace them but the sisters begged not to return them home. The elder one was allowed to stay in New York City and complete her studies while Tala was returned home to her parents. She remained in Virginia until she went missing again in August 2018. During the second search by the police, Tala was found living with her sister. The police assured parents that she is safe with Rotana and it will be better if they call off the search.


It is clear that Rotana and Tala wanted to live an independent life, away from the bounds of their family but their relatives had reported Abdul Salams to be a happy family. They said the two sisters were the apple of their fathers’ eyes. They were hugely adored and loved. These remarks leave a big question mark over the girls’ death, their several attempts to run away from home and their persistent denial over returning to their homeland. According to Arab News, Rotana and Tala’s mother was overprotective just like any other normal mother but there had been no serious family problems that would have led them to take such a serious step. After they started living in New York they tried their best to keep themselves hidden and private. However, they had some accounts on social media and sometimes used to snapchat their relatives back in their homeland. 


Apparently, everything was going fine—the family was living happily together until the sisters found out that the whole family has to move back to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Some sources say that not only Tala but also Rotana had got a full paid scholarship in an educational institute in Saudi Arabia. After realizing that the family had moved back no matter what, the two sisters requested for the political asylum. Their death, whether suicide or murder creates multiple opinions. According to the police, they might have gone into the water alive. The tape was probably not used to bind them together but to keep them together in the powerful flow of Hudson River. With no marks of violence on their bodies, it is even unknown that whether or not the crime took place in New York. However, their relatives in Saudi Arabia are claiming that there is no way that they had committed suicide. According to the Saudi Gazette, their bodies were returned to Saudi Arabia and have been buried by the near relatives in Madina. 

On a political level, this issue has caused tension between the two nations as it is following the mysterious death case of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi on October 2nd at Saudi Embassy in Istanbul, Turkey. A deep and reliable investigation is needed for such incidents. Issues like political asylum or living independently and away from the family should be properly addressed and given education about to the young immigrants. Their will and desire should be considered so that such incidents can be avoided.


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