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Fri, 05/31/2019 - 12:35
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Critical Analysis Of Fitness For Purpose of a CRM Product In Diversified Temporary Recruitment Environment

Temporary recruitment is an ever changing dynamic market and in order to for a company to deliver service, targets and ensure the retention of client base, it requires a dedicated team of enthusiastic and motivated managers and coordinators/consultants. If you are a director or owner of a temporary recruitment business, you know how though the market is in terms of competition and margin, which keeps you limited in terms of financially evaluating and motivating your employees. Nevertheless, the purpose of this article is not to discuss the possible ramifications and consequences of having a demotivated employee, the reader is assumed to understand the vitality for the business keeping their employees motivated. The purpose of this article is to promote an advanced workforce management software solution addressing the most common and ever-pressing issues challenging temporary recruitment companies, whether in areas of warehousing, manufacturing, construction, the health or driving sector, etc...


But first, lets looks at two basic categories what makes an employee tick.

  1. Money - it puts bread and more on the table.
  2. Result - a part of self-esteem - if we do something right, it makes us feel good.


Employee has their own financial needs and and beliefs of own value. The issue of demotivation arises from the employee's belief that his value is greater that the value he receives in the salary, and the longer the employee is exposed to its own belief the more demotivated he or she may became. It is a human compulsive need to want more and if an employer is unable to match employee's constantly transient and likely increasing value, it becomes a great demotivating and disappointing factor, often resulting in lowered productivity and subsequently or consequently in core staff attrition.


In those cases for a business director it is important to seek other ways to engage with their employees and mitigate the financial issue. Company gathering and socialising and having good relations with employees is one possible approach, but the key is in the word 'result'.


Job of every good director is to empower own employees to deliver results in timely manner as required by the business. In busy environments employees having to rely on software and technology to assist them with the workload as it otherwise would not be viable to achieve what is required within contracted working hours.


Why Most Workforce Management Software Solutions Suck?

In conducted extensive market research I identified that most workforce management software solutions were not engineered with wider view of the variety of challenging environments and possibilities, but rather assembled by components from individual environments with may cause compatibility issues in given environments, particularly it may render the company inflexible when it comes to implementation of new contracts. This then makes your great recruitment company look like 'just an another agency', i.e. promised and not delivered on time as usual and then a recruitment business becomes a business of series of excuses, apologies, never-ending task backlog and problem fixing, everyone 'jumps' up and down and your client is never satisfied, plus people get to be blamed.


That is the direct result of employing an inefficient software product which main purpose is to enable users to and give you some reports which you may not even need or understand, and the software is incomplete for the purpose, i.e. it lacks in the business logic you need to apply to each different client environment. This again creates severe implementation challenges. If that sounds any familiar you may be thrilled to find a solution.


So What Is The Solution?

Oh boy, we have the engine! Workforce management software solution unlike any other. Proudly introducing the Rolls-Royce of CRM products, the first software engine fully equipped to handle the complexities of seasonal volume staffing, CORE+ Recruitment Essentials.


Workforce Management Software - CORE+ Recruitment Essentials


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